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Who we Are

How was Lite N’ Fresh born?

Over 10 years ago my mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and I decided to become more serious about my health and began hiking constantly. I wanted to avoid my mother’s health. As expected, exercise changed my life. Since then I have always taken a serious interest in health-related issues. My job as a filmmaker requires long-hours sitting whether it is writing, taking meetings or editing in order to turn concepts into movies. Sometimes, this can lead to hunger without time for an entire meal. I noticed that we had a bunch of unhealthy snacks to keep our brains moving and fill up our empty stomachs as fast as possible No one was ever thinking about what kind of negative health issues it could bring…overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure… However,I knew there was a better way to refuel when the body needs it the most, what if we could replace the cookie jar or the candy dish with a solution for a healthier snacking style!

When we realized there was a way to innovate the way people could interact with healthy snacking we came to a few conclusions:

● The box has to be transparent, so the colorful vegetables will keep reminding and encouraging healthy instant snacking.

● The box has to be both functional and design-oriented, otherwise, no one will want to display it.

● The box has to keep vegetables fresh for up to five days without needing the refrigerator otherwise veggies otherwise the veggies would spoil to fast and provide the opposite incentive for healthy snacking.

● The box has to have an environmentally conscious solar light. So even when it’s dark in the evening, it will still be the center of the kitchen or living room, and it’s guilt-free for you to steal a healthy midnight snack.

Lite N’ Fresh was born to meet all of these expectations.

I enjoy it every day, and I hope you will do the same. And by giving the Lite N’ Fresh as a gift,

you can deliver a healthier, happier life to your loved ones and friends too!

Luo Yan


Ming Ma

Chief Designer

Gina Gong

Chief Operations

Diane Chiu

Chief Accountant

Timothy Nee

Chief Customer Service

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Our signature state of the art Lite N’ Fresh container is a synergy of health consciousness, style, and environmental sustainability.



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